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Students pursuing a degree or certificate must have applied for admission and financial aid (unless they plan to pay for college without financial aid) and taken a placement test before registering for classes. Students who have passed a college-level math class or English 101 with a C-grade or higher at another college or university are exempted from taking the placement test in the area in which they have earned college credit.  Valid contact information, including email address, is required for registration.

Non-credit and Continuing Education registration procedures are described in detail on their website.

Course delivery modes on the Pullman campus include:
  • Face-to-Face: Instructor is in the classroom.
  • Interactive Television (ITV): A course which uses video conferencing tools to distribute the course materials in real time.
  • Online: A course that uses web-based tools and where 100% of the instruction is done online. (Delivered via Canvas.)
  • Hybrid: A course that displaces some but not all of face-to- face class time with web-based tools.
  • Web Enhanced: A face-to-face course where the use of the Internet is required.
Not all of these delivery modes are available at all locations or for all courses. Some locations and some courses may only have online options available. If you have any questions or want further clarification as to what delivery modes are available in the Pullman area or for specific courses, contact Oscar Campos (509) 279- 6453

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