Placement Testing for Running Start Students

Initially, Running Start students only take the Zingtree Self-Placement reading assessment. You may be eligible to bypass English testing and gain college-level English placement if you:
  • have completed at least THREE semesters of high school with a cumulative GPA ≥ 3.0
  • SAT scores ≥ 470 (average of reading and writing scores)
  • ACT scores ≥ 19 (average of English and reading scores)
The MyMath Test study program can be activated at any time, but take care not to wait too long to begin the math testing process to ensure your high school graduation plans remain on track! The Running Start Math Options document will further explain math options for Running Start students. You may be eligible to bypass math testing and gain college-level math placement if you:
  • took Pre-Calculus in high school and achieved a B or higher for two consecutive semesters (no B-)
  • SAT scores ≥ 550
  • ACT scores ≥ 23


There is a $30 fee for Placement Testing. Valid photo identification is required for placement testing.